‘Deep Woods Revival’ is the second album by Red Yarn. This album tells the story of how Red Yarn discovered the critters and the Deep Woods. One night Little Red sneaks out of his Grandparent’s house and goes on an adventure after hearing singing coming from the woods. Following the sound he eventually discovers that the critters are having a revival celebration. Surprised by his intrusion the critters end up accepting him into their world.

The concept behind the artwork was to show the contrast between two opposing worlds by making the left side grayscale and the right side in color. The gray side represents the real world of adult rules and the colored side represents the magical imaginative world of the critters. It visually illustrations the transition from real to fantasy.

The image was actually a large diorama. The left side was made by yarn painting the details and the right side was made from colorful fabric swatches. The figurines on the front cover were made of felting and clay. The whole scene was then lit and photographed to create final cover image.