‘Wheeler’ is a music video for the Portland punk band Sleeping Beauties. The concept behind the video was to make a comment on some of the major changes to the city of Portland over the past decade. Problems such as the rising cost of rent and the unstoppable rise of high end condos were visually addressed. The video features a Whack’A’Condo game cabinet, a giant hand, and the lead singer stomping through a miniature downtown cityscape of high rise condos.


As art director I created the storyboards, designed and built numerous props, and staged the different film locations. Since, there was a tiny budget I had to be very creative and resourceful when it came to finding and reusing free materials. I hunted down a lot of materials online and collected cardboard and styrofoam from factory warehouses. A big part of the challenge as well as fun on this project was figuring out ways to create amazing props with little resources.